Advance Impress 2 Harness complete with pod size (L)

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Advance Impress 2 Harness complete with pod size (L)

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Advance Impress 2

Excellent harness in really good condition.

This harness by Advance has the stamp mark of quality, really well finished with great quality materials.

The harness is one of the easiest pods to get into at take off and is superbly comfortable in flight.

Being a seat boarded harness it is ideal for those who are trying a pod harness for the first time (more stability and weight shift).

The harness can be flown with or without the pod.

Call O78S993S1S9

Size Large / Large

Price; £225

In very good condition. Complete with integrated speed system, instrument mount and integral reserve release etc etc. Fully adjustable.

For more information on sizes, setting and reserve mounting, see details on the Advance website.
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