Sea breeze prediction

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Gordon C
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Sea breeze prediction

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Been so close to the north sea, most of our sites are influenced by the sea breeze, after a pleasant pint in Rothbury and discussion about the flying from Hogdon law on Wednesday, how can we extract the most flying from our sites with the forecasting available, taking off around midday it was thermic, but seemed to be cut off within a short time span, Ali and Garry flying near to Hepple before been blued out and landing. In hindsight using the star rating and convergence forecasting on rasp, may give a clue to the best time to be on the hill. Using today's (Thursday) star rating prediction, it shows how the star rating drops off quickly following the Rothbury valley before it drops off in the surrounding area, this is mirrored by the convergence forecasting.
Could we use this forecasting to help us get the best out of the day? ? ?

livetrack24 GordonC
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Sad Northerner
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Re: Sea breeze prediction

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Yep, interesting.
I don't look at Rasp in that much detail but should do as what I have witnessed first hand seems to correlate with their predictions. Earlier seems to be better at Hogden I assume before the sea breeze has a chance to wash over the lowlands.
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