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Post by MadDog » Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:12 pm

Does anybody look at this board anymore? N0 I don't think much as I like Colin, And appreciate the time and effort that he has put into it...I just happen to think that something has been spoiled along the way...and the board that we had encouraged people to put their thoughts into words that reached out to people...set them thinking...brightened their day up...made them laugh..made them cry...made them angry...made them think....I dunno... these emojo thingy's, do nothing for me....if that's what you call them..
If you have something to say, then try the English or two of us can speak even that would be preferable if push came to shove...
I found this little piece of writing among some obscure file on my computer...wrote in 2007.
Why ya bugger....13 years time flies....It made me laugh...see what you think
One of the sites mention is Linbriggs....this is a west/north westerly site very rarely flown now...its the continuation of Lords Seat....and the Powburn cafe was a proper proper cafe then...not a tea room.....
Here we go then..

After some really good flying at Weather Fell, this Sunday just gone….On the hang- glider, and the duvet, getting good heights, and doing everything one could possibly do as far as aviation is concerned….How can one describe it?...
Filling my boots with everything that I had signed up for……..
Except perhaps for the icing on the cake…..A cross country….Wallis took all honours in this field of endeavour…Well done that has-been!
So after landing in a field in the village of Gayle at the very end of the day, a fairly contented sub human….I looked back on the beauty of it all, and reflected to myself that the only thing that was missing was……
Wait for it….
I knew that there was only one place for them…….
Altogether now! After Super Ron
Cheviot hills for thrills!
So come the Monday….In the thrilling company of John Watson and the Seaton Sluice Rottweiler, we headed for Thrills Ville…..taking the right fork at Rothbury where the signposts all read the same thing….
“This way for thrills”!
Up the rough thrilling track to the top of Linbriggs ….with the thrills really coming thick and fast….we were finding it hard to hang onto reality even at this early stage….in one thrilling moment we thrilled to meet that super ace…Chrissie Foster, with young Woody….The ventriloquist had gave him the day off……
“More corvettes Bob?”
We stood on the edge in the very strong, but thrilling wind….willing the big black alto-cumulous thrill cloud to pelt us into oblivion with those thrilling sheets of thrill-rain…..Could this really be happening to me?......These Cheviot hills were really living up to all expectations….I just had to pinch myself…….
And then, just when things couldn’t get much more thrilling….the wind thrilled itself around ninety thrilling degrees across the face….
This was just too much for us…..By common consent we instinctively new that the only way to find relief from this over-dose of thrill ecstasy could be found by a thrilling trip to West Hill….and soon…..Before we all overdosed….
All our Dreams were realised the moment we got to the top of said hill….
No thrilling wind!
Back to the café then….Taking turns to immerse ourselves at last in the soothing balm of the De-Thrilling machine….which incidentally is now for free, if you purchase a meal….or one pound fifty if you only have a coffee!
Please….Please…Don’t try coming home without being de-thrilled…
It could be fatal..Could even damage your person exploded last year before he even got to Glanton on his way home
It’s just not worth it
Now what did I come here to do?
There was even a time when we had pretty girls in the club
Naomi and Claire..Annecy youth hostel...When?...
Crank up the time Machine and pass me the sat-nav
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Re: Thrilling

Post by chrisfozz » Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:48 pm

I do remember another day on Linbriggs John, you, me and JW. I think it was you took a climb (perhaps the word climb should be in quotes) off the end of the hill and almost made it to the Rose and Thistle. Happy days.

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colin keightley
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Re: Thrilling

Post by colin keightley » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:26 pm

The board died the day we started using whatsapp. As always a nice piece of writing John.
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