How to untangle lines on your Paraglider.

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How to untangle lines on your Paraglider.

Post by Ade-Spark » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:42 am

Hi everyone - Hope that this might prove helpful

It happens to everybody. Somehow the lines on your wing get tangled and getting them back straight again can be one of the most frustrating experiences known to PG Pilots everywhere.

The truth is there is a very easy trick to getting things back the way they belong. I'll try and describe the process as best as I can. Unfortunately it would be easier if I could show you how, but that cannot be done easily here.

With practice you'll be able to untangle any wing in five minutes or less.

1 - Get the wing itself physically straight and laying flat on its back. Don't worry about putting more tangles in your lines, just get the wing physically straight. Literally lay the wing out just like you are getting ready to do a forward launch.

Make sure you steering toggles are properly secured to the risers.

2 - Locate the centre most "A" line on each riser. This is easy to find. The centre cells on the leading edge of your wing have an "A" line attached that goes to the top inside "A" line link on each riser. One line will go to the left riser and the other to the right riser. This is the dividing point between the left and right halves of your wing. That "A" line is the line we want to work with on each riser.

3 - Start at the wing with one of these lines in your hand, nothing else but one of these lines.

4 - Begin slowly working your way back from the wing toward the riser. Keep this line clear of any tangles you encounter along the way. Pass it through other lines, or the other riser, if you have to but keep this line clear.

This works easiest when you have a lot of slack in the lines.

Sometimes it helps if you just hold this "A" line up vertically and shake it so that the tangles fall down and off and away from it. Don't let this frighten you. It may look like a royal mess but when you finally make it to the riser and this line is free and clear from the wing all the way to its top inside position on the link, all the other lines on that riser will be straight.

You are using this line as your guide and it will help you identify and remove the tangles along the way.

5 - After you finish one riser repeat this process with the other riser.

It is not uncommon to have to pass the lines on one riser through the lines on another riser. This happens when your wing comes down on top of you and you step through the lines as you get out from underneath the wing.

NEVER pull anything tight. Keep the lines as loose as possible as you work.

When you are done, kite your wing if you can. This allows for a good visual check to make sure you got things right.

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Re: How to untangle lines on your Paraglider.

Post by ShandyPaul » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:07 am


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