Don't forget - Grasmere show this Sunday

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Don't forget - Grasmere show this Sunday

Post by Davehorne » Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:10 pm

The Grasmere show is coming up on Sunday 30 August and it's the time of year when the CSC wops the Nothumbria HPC at the frivolous accuracy comp :D

Details can be found on the news and events section of the CSC web site.

It's an important "shop window" for CSC. A lot of the local land owners go to the event and the more we can do to show them that paragliding is a fun event, the better. The aim is to fill the sky with paragliders for the audience while pretending to have a competition :lol: Please come if you can - Chris Field would appreciate an e-mail from you, if you are coming.

Hope to see you there

Don't be put off by the weather forecast even if it looks pretty dire. Only one year has been too bad to fly so far and a couple of times Grasmere has been the only flyable site in the North.

This year Chris is thinking of introducing a prize for the highest altitude achieved. It will be very simple. Just produce your vario to show the maximum A2. You have to land in the landing field to qualify. Any thoughts?

He's also looking for new ideas for the arena display. This provides the spectators with a chance to see gliders close up. For those who have not seen it, we do a short demo with a couple of gliders and then perform a 'deployment race'. This involves a couple of pilots getting into their flying gear, unpacking their gliders and then first to 'launch' wins. last year we also launched a couple of young spectators which went down extremely well. However, all suggestions will be gratefully received by Chris.

Don't forget, non-CSC members are very welcome :)
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