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Cross Fell - Easington Colliery

Headed back from High Cap in a good thermal ( one that was lifting all the way round - about a first I think for this year) Was about 1900`ato and over the flat bit at the top when the decision to go was already made ( good street down wind would maximise the chance of not being sunk out, although I still took it to the wispies for extra ground clearance. I still had to dip in and out of lift to remain out of cloud by doing elongated circles, then the long sink trying to suss out the best route. Now approaching Stanhope I unzipped and then got a small bit of lift and was able to work it to the NE side side of the valley (well below the CTA stub) and onto rising ground to reduce sink rate working little bits along the way. I unzipped the harness for the second time near Wolsingham and this magically did the trick and was off again. The lift now got better and I reached the best height of the day (4750`) just south of Durham . The coast was in view and the next bit was easy, arriving with loads of height. Many thanks to Alan Westmoreland who picked me up straight away (I had hardly started derigging the glider) and gave me a lift home.

Steve Gill

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