It would not have been possible to create this site as it is without a number of people. I and the Northumbria Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club would like to thank the following People. In no particular order.
Our thanks go out to:
Manolis Andreadakis
A Clever Chap, who has given generously to the free flying community

Thanks Manolis for creating such a fantastic application for free flyers. I have no doubt our humble club will benefit enormously with "Leonardo"

Lloyd bailey
Another Clever Chap, who has given generously to the free flying community

Thanks Lloyd for alowing me to use your exelent air maps for Google Earth. If you have not seen Lloyds work on Airmaps in Goole Earth yet and you fly.... Get it here...... you will not be dissapointed

Primoz Lajevec
There's a saying about pictures and one thousand words! 

Thanks Primoz for giving permission to use this truly outstanding photo to create one half of our logo.

Something else!

More info?

Write up from XC Magazine

Article (pdf1)

Article (pdf2)

John Heiney
What was that about sayings and pictures again?! 

Thanks John for giving permission to use his fantastic photo to create the other half of our logo.

"It was in late 1997 just after I had made my newest harness. Those floro colors are quite faded now. I had just set a new loop record at Quest Air. I towed above the clouds with my retractable rear boom camera mount. I used a Konica FT-1 with the Konica 15mm fisheye lens and Velvia 50 film. The shutter speed was 1/250th."

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