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Pilot: Gary Stenhouse   Date: 23/05/2010
Takeoff Info
Black Hall - GB [~2.5]
XC Info
Linear distance
78.7 km (31.0 km/h)
Max Distance
78.8 km (31.0 km/h)
OLC Distance
82.5 km (32.5 km/h)
OLC score
OLC score type
Free Flight
[ Paraglider ]
niviuk peak
Flight Info
Max vario
4.0 m/sec
Min vario
-3.0 m/sec
Max alt (ASL)
1462 m (4795 ft)
Min alt (ASL)
106 m (347 ft)
Takeoff alt (ASL)
537 m (1761 ft)
Altitude gain
925 m (3034 ft)
Max speed
99.2 km/h
Mean speed
39.8 km/h
Flight file
Relevant page URL
Flying area info
Commentswell a stunning flight with more of a worry of going up and not getting down in time for the coast shame i did not make crimmers as i may of been able to get a ridge run in to finish

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