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Pilot: Gary Stenhouse   Date: 11/07/2009
Takeoff Info
East Hill - GB [~2.7]
XC Info
Linear distance
5.6 km (18.5 km/h)
Max Distance
5.7 km (18.7 km/h)
OLC Distance
6.2 km (20.3 km/h)
OLC score
OLC score type
Free Flight
[ Paraglider ]
niviuk artik 2
Flight Info
Max vario
2.0 m/sec
Min vario
-2.0 m/sec
Max alt (ASL)
573 m (1879 ft)
Min alt (ASL)
215 m (705 ft)
Takeoff alt (ASL)
215 m (705 ft)
Altitude gain
358 m (1174 ft)
Max speed
82.6 km/h
Mean speed
34.7 km/h
Flight file
Relevant page URL
Flying area info
Commentsanother great but short flight with brian and the dog, cloud base being quite low and the boonys not looking good with cloudbase beneath the tops. still my best flight today at east hill and taken off just after john got a full frontal.

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